Breaking genre barriers with Ben Cristovao

The Glowsticks have done it again, breaking through genre barriers in the Czech Republic along side Czech Pop RnB singer Ben Cristovao. Ben's new E.P "POSLEDNI", produced by The Glowsticks, has a genre for every song. The EP is comprised of singing and rapping over RnB, Funk, Rock, and Hiphop beats and instrumentals with Afro Pop influences.  Check out some of the tracks from the EP


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Time for TIME


yes it's about that "TIME"

After a one and a half year wait its finally here. We hit some snags along the road (if only you knew) but the TIME has finally come (wink wink).  As you my already know you can find the song on all major digital stores and the video is just 2 days away, can I get an Amen!!. SUNDAY the 18th afternoon for us evening depending on what side of the world you're in :)  <[that's an old-school smiley face] catch the release on the TUBE, 

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She is Next:Annet Charitonova

If you are wondering who she is,  follow her on instagram @annbloggerkid for more update. Word on the street is she is the next @theglowsticks protoge and is already climbing the chart with her debut single #TAKTOMABYT produced by you should know by now :)  Moving on. . . . . 

Annet Charitonova -TAKTOMABYT ft Ben Cristovao&nbsp;

Annet Charitonova -TAKTOMABYT ft Ben Cristovao 

Her single "remain silent" set her up as an upcoming vocal singer, after a few development here and there with the help of Ben Cristovao whom is featured on her hit single,  Annet was ready to step it up a notch.  With us as Producers behind her back she was ready to come out wild and fierce with Over a million hits in a few days. Guess it is solid to say she is in it for real, TAKTOMABYT is available on YouTube and other streaming platforms, if you haven't given it an ear make sure you check it out

This is it

This is it, the moment where soul connect in its own artistic way words can't describe. With Aceboogy(from far left), osama verse(center) and Ben Cristovao(far right) 

Soul Train

Soul Train

At NoD Theglowsticks had the opportunity to perform side by side with Ben Cristovao with an accoustic band setting to bring more life and soul to the audience this time around. It was so far the most intimate set up and performance to experience by most review, following suit with the Royal Performance and are looking to include such act into their projected tour next year 2017. 

Soul Train&nbsp;

Soul Train 

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And the winner is..?

With over a million people tuned in stirring at their tv's or on their phone, Theglowsticks walked on stage at the scleaskvkiyk matton 2016 award ceremony to receive the winner for the most streamed record of the year #ASIO by Ben Cristovao produced by these independent artists below. 

Toyota C-HR experience&nbsp;

Toyota C-HR experience 

The experience was so far classic and sporty at the same with Toyota providing them with the all new Toyota C-HR as part of their advertising privileges. With so many controversy surrounding this award night Theglowsticks and Ben Cristovao were able to set a bar where independent artists and Producers can have hope in achieving their dreams if they only chose to still do it for their fans. They are a true living testament that even if the industry does  not support your craft, somewhere out there the fans will and that is what this night was all about. 

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If Two heads are better than one, then in this case a whole group  of diverse individual makes the best team. Theglowsticks team meets Ben Cristovao team and together they were able to successfully execute their tour objectives. 

Team work always

Team work always

With the tour coming close to an end this moment captivates the  result of positive achievement throughout their tour season. The review on their tour was positively overwhelming and as a result are in together to bring this experience back to back again coming from 2017. 

Team work always&nbsp;

Team work always 

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TheGlowsticks and Ben Cristovao Live at ROXY

When theglowsticks are not spending countless amount of time and effort producing, one must think this picture sums it all up what they do outside the studio. Yes at the Roxy show 09/11/2016 Theglowsticks shut it down with Ben Cristovao along side many other artist like Annet Charitonova , Cavalier etc. 

The whole crew Lit at roxy

The whole crew Lit at roxy

It was sold out and they shut it down. Great reviews are pouring out through social media and fans are expecting  second dose of their anticipated performance.  Round two is scheduled for 15/11/2016 and fans should expect nothing less but everything bigger. So if you missed out on the first one,  then let's do it again. For more update follow us @theglowsticks. Peace

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